“Joey Cheek is, quite simply, the best corporate speaker we’ve ever hired.” – John S.

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Performing at the highest levels in sport or business have many similarities.  In this speech, Cheek will bring you on an incredible ride following the journal he kept in the year leading up to the 2006 Olympic Games and in so doing will demonstrate a theory of human performance unlike anything you’ve heard from any other athletic speaker.

Leverage can change the world.

There are a few moments in our lives that when properly levered can change the entire world.  In this speech, Cheek details the experiences that led him to one such moment and how the powerful multiplication of the perfect moment and the perfect leverage reached more than +1 billion people.


In an individual sport, the team still reigns supreme.   This speech details the different characters and anecdotes that built towards a world-making performance and the challenges that each individual’s skill brings to bear.

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